About Us

Business Consulting services for your company

What is "Business Consulting"?

We offer tailored consulting services for a variety of businesses and company situations. Whether you want to start a new business, optimize your existing business, or grow your business with more success We provide insights and help to achieve your desired business goals. Our business consultation services assist clients to maximize their efforts, creating measurable business value and results. We assists clients with a powerful combination of business consulting services and capabilities, to cut through the complexities of business challenges faced

Our business consulting firm helps clients gain a better understanding, take the right steps, measure, and manage business resources and investments to drive real business value. Most business entrepreneurs in the world have a coach or consultant in one form or another. From sports athletes to business leaders to politicians, all successful people realize that having a trusted advisor is necessary to achieve peak performance.


Provide competitive, result-oriented practical business solutions to the organizations to effectively optimize their return on investments.


We aim to offer fully satisfactory solutions to clients.

Dreams comes twice

Our Core Team

Our team comprises Qualified persons with Decades of experience, with Dedication to their jobs, capable of excellence in serving clients.


37 Years experienced & Sales and Marketing in a very highly competitive market space – Devising winning strategies & executing ways to market for Greenfield business

  • Retail, institutional, industrial, and key account business models.
  • B 2 B and B 2 C business handling exposure
    Sales process management – opportunity identification thru sales closure.
  • Channel management.
  • Product portfolio &  Inventory management.
  • Sales promo management – product, channel & consumer focused.
  • Customer relationship management(CRM) & key account management. 
  • Team management and creating vibrant team.
  • Imparting training on soft and hard skill.
  • Mentoring and on job coaching.
  • Sales tool development – planning, budgeting and resource allocation


Well experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in Paint and Ancillary industry, strong technical and commercial knowledge, International trade alliance

  • Providing strategic directions.
  • Create a highly dynamic work environment, Prospect, identify and recommend suitable high profitability acquisitions.
  • Business excellence, vendor sourcing, together with the vision to strategically plan, direct and control company operations to capitalize on emerging business opportunities.
  • Product development, cost management & post sales technical services
  • Customer relationship.
  • Head operational decision making and strategic planning for supply chain management.
  • Technology management, quality management and cross-coordination functions